New Job and New Challenges

On Monday, May 30th, I started a new job with Abe Books (a wholly owned subsidiary of I am now the Software Engineering Manager of the Fillz team (a wholly owned subsidiary of Abe Books – simple right), and I am really excited about the opportunity.

The Fillz team is a small group that makes a terrific product to assist vendors with inventory and pricing management across multiple on-line store-fronts (Amazon, Abe Books, eBay, etc).

This position is a big change from my role as Director of Software Engineering at GenoLogics. Because Fillz is a true dev-ops group, it is responsible not only for writing the code, but also the deployment and operations of the service. This combination is a lot of fun, and I am eager to begin tackling many of the challenges it presents.

I’ll undoubtedly have lots to share as I begin the process of learning about everyone on the new team, understanding the product, and getting to know the challenges and opportunities we are facing.


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