Presentation at the VIATeC Software Manager Roundtable

I gave a presentation tonight to the Victoria Advanced Technology Council (VIATeC) Software Manager’s RoundTable. The topic was, loosely, “stuff I’m writing about for my book”. Wow – that’s a pretty broad topic. Fortunately for everyone attending I had less than 90 minutes to fill or I could have gone on for hours. That’s what happens when you start talking about something you are passionate about.

I combed through past blog posts and created slides to drive some discussion around Growing LeadersGeneralists versus Specialists, and Boredom. I also presented brand-new material about Coaching and Mentoring and I discussed the Four Pillars of Software Management. I’ll get this new stuff into some blog posts in the coming days.

The group wasn’t particularly large but everyone was involved and the discussions were excellent. If you elected to stay away, I humbly suggest that you missed a great evening!

There were a couple topics we didn’t have time for tonight. I purposefully left them to the end because I knew they could be long: Retrospectives, and How to Hold Good Meetings. After some conversation the group decided these would be excellent topics for the next evening. Since I already have the material ready, I was asked to lead the next discussion. If you’ve ever attended a meeting that left you disappointed you’ll want to show up in May; it’s going to be good.


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